Tips for Healthy Living with RE:BOOT Health and Fitness

Do you want to live a Healthy Life…? Not sure what to do, I will give you some simple points to get you started.

Set a Goal

First things first – You have an idea of what you would like to achieve. Now, put that idea to paper. For example: I would like to wear my size # skinny jeans in 3 months from now. Make it simple, achievable and timely. Go on and SET A GOAL


Our bodies are made to move and perform daily tasks. If simple daily tasks start to become difficult, you know that you need to stop and do something about it immediately. Exercise is super beneficial for you, I don’t need to give you all the benefits because you have heard and seen it all over for many years.

Everyone is different and prefer to do things differently. Exercise is the same. You might love to run 10km or more every other day and your friend might be a gym fanatic that prefers strength training. Either way, we need to get our hearts pumping every single day.

Start small, with a few home workouts that you can do with just your body weight. Everyone knows how to do sit ups and push ups etc. You just need to start. Not a fan of exercising on your own, then you can join group classes where everyone motivates each other. Maybe try Pilates, Bounce or HIIT classes. In our Schedule, you will definitely be able to find a time slot that would suit you.

You need variety in your workouts for optimal health, so try include some cardio, strength, body weight, flexibility and neuromotor training every week to help you live a healthy life! So, let’s start to Exercise.


There is no reason to delay, just start small and progress as you go on. Your future self will thank you in a few months from now!

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